Local Talent

Check out some of Mountain View’s local music talent! More talent per sq/ft than any town it’s size. Maybe more than any town 10 times it’s size. You be the judge!

Lane Long
Gravel Yard Band
Southern Strings 2020
Keith Symanowitz & Danny Dozier
David Potts
Grace Stormont
Mary Parker
Oldie But Goodie
Andy Nichols Jam at the Inn 2022
Fudge Brothers at the Picking Park
Mountain View Friday Night 2014
Memaw & the Squirrel Chasers
Taller Than You
Sylamore Special
Picking Park Jam 9-24-14
Thumb Picking Jam 1989
Bluegrass Jam 2022
Bluegrass Jam 2022
Bluegrass Jam 2022
Turner Atwell & Gary Rounds